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the skipanon brand processing plant and micro-cannery

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The original cannery still floats on the Skipanon River.  Now, the slightly 
  bigger building, sits just a  few feet from the beautiful river. 

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  skipanon brand seafood

The Albacore tuna is caught by hook and line in the Pacific Ocean right off the Oregon coast. 


Chinook Salmon are the largest Pacific salmon and are prized for its rich flavor. 

Coho Salmon is also called Silver Salmon.  Sockeye Salmon is often called Blueback.  Both have a deep red color.


Sturgeon isn't the most attractive fish with its large body and bumpy scales, but its looks are deceiving because its taste cannot be rivaled.   


We fillet all local wild seafood at our Skipanon Brand Plant.  

Our smoked fish is cold smoked with selected hardwoods.   


Then it's cooked once in the can to preserve the quality and taste. 


The "ladies" of the Skipanon Brand processing plant and cannery total more than 100 years of processing fresh seafood. 

The experience and dedication to quality seafood inside the Skipanon Brand processing plant and cannery explains the difference. All of our seafood is processed at our Warrenton plant using just a handful of highly skilled fish filleters. 

Genita was the "baby" of the bunch (until this year!) Born & raised in Naselle, Washington, she followed her mother to work at the Bumblebee Tuna plant in Astoria when she turned 18. She was an employee at Bumblebee until the company closed its doors.

Shirley started at the Astoria Seafood Company, but left to work in the retail industry.  That didn't last forever and she returned to the seafood industry.  It's a piece of art for Shirely and her filleting skills are meticulous.

Anna lived in Kentucky until she was 35 years old when her family picked up everything and headed to the West Coast!  To this day, you'll hear her southern twang when you enter the doors to the Skipanon Brand Cannery.

Annalise joined the ladies as the real "baby" of the bunch!  She's in her 20s and bringing a new generation to the cannery line!  Her smile is quick to occur and her positive attitude brings smiles to others during the day!                                            

Jesse joined Skipanon Brand Seafood in 2011 and has become a great asset to the small crew.  He is the "go getter" for the ladies and always strives to stay one step ahead of the ladies!

Josh is the Manager at the cannery.  He brings an ambitious perspective and eager attitude to ensure quality is maintained on all levels for Skipanon Brand Seafood.

Brian and Jesse (#2) recently joined our staff during the Summer of 2013!  We're excited to bring more employees into our cannery, so we can provide the best service to our customers.